Client testimonies
The loyalty of our clients is the greatest guarantee. In their testimonies our dedication is reflected.


Antonio Castro García

I do not want to have problems, and Saliplant offers me solutions. In infrastructure there is no company in the area which guarantees good work. It allows me to monitor the plants. Saliplant is structure, closeness and personalised service.


Miguel Barros López

Saliplant is characterised by its formality and ability to solve problems in the field and in post-sales service. If they do not have the solution themselves they will search for out externally; they are committed. I choose them for closeness and for the quality of plants.

Antonio Manuel Martín Rodríguez

It is a serious, responsible, enterprising and innovative company. Saliplant is made up of a very trustworthy family.


Antonio Martín Perea

Bioalgarrobo Technical Department

In my company we know that when making the order we do not ask for prices because we know that we will have plants without problems. The working team inspires my trust, we have a very good relationship and there are very good people working at Saliplant.


Purificación García Rodríguez

Since I began in agriculture 17 years ago I have based my operations on my perception, common sense and intuition, and have never changed seedbed. In this company I see professionalism, emotional intelligence and human potential. I know very well that in agriculture the beginning of a plant is very important; and Saliplant have gained my trust.


Plácido Lara Maldonado

I have been an agriculturist for 16 years and have never had problems with Saliplant. If something goes well there is no need to seek change. What I value most about Saliplant is their quality and service, because if something goes wrong, the cultivation cycle becomes an accumulation of problems. I would recommend Saliplant to other agriculturists.

Joaquín Haro Rubiño

It is a leading company in the agriculture sector. They provide 100% quality and service to the agriculturist. I value the fact that it is a family business and the guarantee that I would highlight is that they know what they are doing. The Saliplant brand does not require too much publicity, providing a noteworthy service in our sector.