Saliplant Services

Our agriculturists have increasingly high requirements, and increasingly specialised and personalised production systems. For this reason, at Saliplant we offer the full range of Services possible to adapt to the market. We understand our clients and the challenges that they face, and therefore we work daily to allow them to begin their production with the maximum guarantees and with a product that fulfils all specifications that their production system requires of us.

Vegetable plants

Quality solutions for production issues.


We are specialists in grafts.

Ecological agriculture

We believe in better agriculture.

Integrated production

Production of the maximum quality with maximum safety.



  • We think of the health of the consumer

  • Caring for the environment

  • We commit to the use of auxiliary organisms

Factors such as climate, location and treatments ensure the maximum quality and safety.


At Semilleros Saliplant we are aware of the importance of the environment and the health of consumers. Our concern on such issues sparked our interest on combining techniques of ecological production with conventional treatments. Furthermore, we carry out a full technical analysis on the suitability of individual cultivations to various production areas throughout different periods of time within the year.


Combining both factors, we came to the conclusion that the combination of location, climate and treatments allows us to offer both maximum quality and maximum efficiency to your production.