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Innovating for agriculture since 1986

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At Saliplant we work on the development and incorporation of new technology, the management of Innovation and the adaptation and adaptation to the new European and international environment.


To do so we have precision planting machines, germination chambers with optimal temperature and humidity control, heated greenhouses and enclosed loading docks.

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At Semilleros Saliplant we have always been characterised by being at the cutting-edge of the sector. We use new techniques which allow us to solve cultivation problems, such as grafts for tomato, as well as watermelon, melon, cucumber, aubergine and pepper; hydroponic cultivation; and big-plant, among others.


We have been pioneers in ecological production and in the transfer of ecological and conventional cultivation systems and treatments, which has prepared us optimally for integrated production. Furthermore, we have a technical quality control system in which permanent sampling is carried out on the health of our production.

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